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            An auditor is a person who plans and addresses financial related audits. An audit is an examination of financial accounts to check for accuracy. By examining these audits, an auditor promotes economic efficiency and can prevent fraud. They make sure that public records are kept accurately and taxes are paid on time. Law for companies requires an audit. After the examination, auditors can give managers suggestion on systems and methods to improve their record keeping. An audit is beneficial in many ways. It helps increase capital in that business to attract more investors since investors looks at financial statements to know how a company is doing. Also audits can lower the costs in a business because an auditor can provide advices to increase efficiency in that business thus lowering costs. Business managers can also benefit from audits because they can make negotiation between other businesses easier. Other businesses can look at the audited financial statement and if it looks good they are willing to negotiate with that business. There are three types of auditors. The three types are internal auditors, independent auditors and tax auditors. Internal auditors are employees in a company. Internal auditors perform audits in company offices to ensure that they follow laws and regulations. They make sure that the company's money is used properly. In addition they prepare audit reports to the office managers that outlines the corrective measures. An internal auditor can help a manager make decision by using data instead of their own observation. Independent auditors work for different companies and usually require traveling to different cities. Businesses hire them to check to see if their records are accurate. Tax auditors analyze tax records to uncover the right amount of taxes that is owed. Tax auditors usually work for the federal or state government. With computers, it makes it easier on auditors because they can be more mobile and collect their client's information from computer mainframes.

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