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Booker T Washington

            Booker's Uprising of the Former Slaves.
             The book, Up From Slavery by Booker T.'s life as a freed slave directly before and a while after the Emancipation Proclamation in 1862. Washington was able to make changes in society regarding the black race during his life time. Booker T. did a lot of great things in his life because he had the determination and showed a tremendous amount of effort to help his race. He is an amazing man and should be commended for his great work in American society.
             Booker T. helped change the American society by helping bring up his race and start to gain equality between white and black people. Prior to Booker T.'s work, society was very segregated between whites and blacks. It is true that he didn't change America's society completely, but he made a big step and got the ball rolling. He began by working hard and making sure his race was getting a decent education. Booker T. started doing this by first, getting himself a good education. Although he was born and raised in a poor family, he still had enough determination to get good education, regardless of his low chance of success due to low funds and his color. He proved that you can do a lot with little resources if you work hard for it. Booker T. got his education at the Hampton Institute and worked long hours that could barely get him enough money for his tuition. After he got an education for himself, he opened up his own school called .
             Legocki 2.
             the Tuskegee Institution. Again, Booker T. had a large obstacle in front of him; he had .
             little money. Booker T. once again showed his ability to work hard by raising money from donations to start out the school. Eventually he got the school started and he educated many black people. He also understood that many of the students were poor, just as he was, so he offered his students the same opportunities he had in school; he let them work around the school to help pay for their tuition.

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