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Street Name Desire

             Blanche's story is a tragedy of an individual, who is caught between the world of the past and the present. She is unwilling to get rid of the past and unable to accept the present. She thinks that she is still young and attractive, although she hates bright light because it would reveal her. Light plays a crucial part in the struggle between Blanche and Stanley. From the beginning Blanche insists, "I cannot stand a naked light bulb, any more than I can a rude remark" (Pg 54). She then puts a cover on the light bulb. Light represents truth, and Blanche wants to bury the truth by covering it up. Later in the play Stanley "brings to light" the true facts of Blanche's life (Pg 54). .
             Also in this story, Blanche could not forget the death of Allan, her husband who was homosexual. She mentions:.
             "I didn't know anything except I loved him unendurably but without being able to help him or help myself. Then I found out in the worst possible way. By coming, suddenly into a room that I thought was empty, which wasn't empty, but had two people in it, the boy I had married and an older man who had been his friend for years." (Scene 4, Pg 183).
             As it is obvious, Blanche wanted a cultured man but is often attracted to strong, basic male characters, which is a reflexive response since her marriage with an educated, sensitive man ended in disaster.
             However, a complete opposite of Blanch is Stella her sister, who is married to Stanely. Unlike her sister, she is a passive and gentle woman. She is five years younger than Blanche, and has been obedient to her for her entire life. After marrying Stanley, she is forced to join the lower class, endure her husband's bad temper, and be obedient to him. In some way, Stella is the connecting figure to two different worlds; The imaginative world of Blanche, her older sister and the more common world of Stanley Kowalski. However, Blanche and Stanley both attempt to influence her, and they succeed to a degree.

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