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smokey pool hall

            For some people stores, restaurants, and parks can feel like home. Classic Billiard in Tigard, Oregon is one of these places for many people. The building is old, the people are not friendly, and the equipment is not even close to being new. Despite all these things people of all ages and nationalities go to the pool hall and spend their evenings. .
             The empty parking lots starts the story, old overworked pavement, with water filled pot holes. That lines for parking should been repaved years again and are now only barely visible. After finding a parking slot you step out on to the slimy pavement. Staring at the dreary dark building you walk across the parking lot trying not to fall on the uneven ground. As you step into the pool hall you can instantly smell stall cigarette smoke. The first person you see sit on the other side of a plastic counter that was at once time brown but is now dilapidated into a lackluster gray. Across this counter is Kathy. Kathy is middle aged lady with slightly graying hair. She is reading a newspaper, and seem unconcerned with what is caring on in the pool hall. As you walk up to her she will as "what table?". After taking a look around the room you notice that one table in the center of the area is one newer pool table with brilliant blue felt. That table also contains a "off limits" sigh. Kathy leisurely offers up a few table numbers. Not know any better you pick table number eight. As you walk over to you pool table you wonder how anyone could spend much time in this unpleasant structure. .
             When you arrive at table eight you take a few minuets to notice others in the pool hall. You notice two men are across the room. They chitchat with Kathy while the leisurely play their game of pool. They look as if this place is their home. Suddenly the door of the pool hall opens four teens come in, a few minuets later a group of business people come in On a fair corner a small boy sits, when you look at him he stares angrily in your direction before swift hitting the pool cue on the floor a few inches from his feet.

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