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europes rise to global dominan

            By the 17th century global ties had been established between Africa, Europe, the Americas and south and Southeast Asia. Increasing trade and travel led to cultural and economic influences on a level like never before in history. For the first time economic conditions of one region would have an effect on a much more global scale. This increasing global expansion by the seventeenth century initiates the idea that global dominance of one region was inevitable.
             According to Ringrose determining which region will acquire this position requires assessment of four factors: a regions political and military conditions, their cultural influence, religious circumstances, and their economic standing. Looking on the earth as a disinterested observer in the 17th century western Europe was inevitably next to rise to global dominance. Their economic situation was favorable with lopsided trade routes and their militaries were advancing far faster than any other region on Earth. Advances were being made in science, and religious beliefs were being questioned leading to the formation of new religious practices. Western Europe was becoming globally independent and other regions were required to become dependent on them for existence.
             Western Europe's rise to global dominance would be the result of many factors, but their military and political system is of the utmost importance. Europe's political system in the 17th century was ideal for acquiring military dominance, thus global dominance. After the Thirty Year's War Europe implemented a state system" in the Peace of Westphalia in 1648. The Peace of Westphalia brought about a state system in Europe in which all states that participated regarded each other as sovereign and equal. Each state was responsible for its own domestic affaires, including religion. Political and economical affaires were all dealt with on the state level, allowing each state to act in their own interest, and not be influenced by an imperial power.

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