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             The type of network I will be using for the company a LAN which will be using a combination of star and bus topology. Bus topology is a linear network with the server(s) at one end and the client PCs connected at various points along the network; also referred to as a "backbone." A bus topology does not offer much flexibility so this is why we will also be using star topology. One of the big disadvantages of bus architecture is that if one section goes down, a large portion of your network could be affected but this is also a good point as if a part of the network is down it is easier to isolate the problem. A star topology is a network that uses hubs or switches arranged in a spoke fashion around a central hub or switch to which all the servers are connected. A star architecture offers the most flexibility. If more net connections are needed, we could just add another switch or hub close to the location of the new PCs. In each room I will run a star topology linking to a hub and from each hub I will have a fibre optic backbone cable running to the server so information will run quickly from, each hub to the server. E.g.:.
             I will be using a class -C- network as the company has less than 200 computers and will offer room for expansion, as each computer has its own individual IP address. .
             Advantages that a network will bring to the company.
             I Will now outline the advantages of having a LAN in a small business:.
             Software .
             The ability to share both a software application and the files it creates amongst all of your computers is the primary reason for setting up a network. Not only will you see an increase in your employees' productivity, but an increase in the organization of their computer files as well. No longer will you have to copy files to floppies and carry them from another computer to yours for processing. Opening files on a computer across your office will be as simple if they were stored on your own machine.

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