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Plants Lab

             The effects of different amounts of fertilizer on the height, number of leaves, and number of flowers of a maturing Brassica rapa.
             The survival of a plant depends on the interacting relationship between the genetic makeup of the plant and the environmental factors. Both are equally important to the growth of the plant, for a plant cannot succeed with just one or the other. In order to survive and thrive, a plant must be genetically strong and have an optimal environmental setting, such as the right amount of sunlight, water, and nutrients. A plant receives carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen from air and water, and the root system absorbs the other necessary nutrients. These other nutrients are considered essential if a plant cannot reproduce without them. The purpose of this experiment is to examine the effects of different amounts of fertilizer on the plants livelihood. I hypothesize that over nine weeks, the plants with the highest amount of fertilizer (5 pellets) will be the tallest and have the most leaves and flowers. That is, the more fertilizer a plant gets, the healthier it will grow. .
             This experiment lasts for nine weeks. Per group, two to three seeds of Brassica rapa must be planted in one film canister each, with one cotton wick of 10 cm positioned through the hole in the canister so that 7 or 8 cm sticks through the bottom. Fertilizer pellets will be needed as well, organized into groups of zero pellets, two pellets, and five pellets. One 2 liter bottle and one was bottle for watering will also be needed. After all these materials are collected, the film canister with the wick sticking through the bottom must be filled halfway with potting soil. Then the fertilizer pellets are added, depending on which group, either no pellets, two pellets, or five pellets. Label each canister according to how many fertilizer pellets were added. Then fill the canister the rest of the way with potting soil, lightly packed.

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