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C-Fern Lab

            Inheritance of genes that code for the phenotypic color in Ceratopteris.
             In this lab we took a green F1 diploid sporophyte population and allowed meiosis to occur to produce G2 haplolid gametophytes. Of the two cultures, Hybrid A gametophytes were produced in equal numbers of both mutants, while Hybrid B produced significantly more pale. These populations were allowed to fertilize randomly to produce a diploid F2 sporophyte population. Because of this diploidization, I hypothesized that there would be many more green sporophytes than pale ones in Hybrid A, since green is dominant (Lab Manual 2.2). I made this assumption believing that Hybrid A would follow the expected Mendelian ratio of a monohybrid cross, which is 3:1 (Klug & Cummings 46). The results obtained for Hybrid A held true to this hypothesis. Hybrid B followed a different pattern of inheritance (Lab Manual 2.2). After I obtained the class results for the F1 and F2 populations I hypothesized that the pattern of inheritance for Hybrid B was due to epistasis of one of the alleles in a dihybrid cross. The results of Hybrid B held true to the Mendelian ratio for dihybrid crosses, 9:3:3:1 (Klug & Cummings 54), with one of the alleles exhibiting epistatic behavior (Klug & Cummings 87).
             In this lab we observed inheritance in the organism called Ceratoperis or C-Fern. C-Fern is a type of fern that is found in most tropical and subtropical areas of the world. They tend to grow mostly in very wet or damp areas such as rice paddies or ponds (www.cfren.bio.utk.edu). We used C-Fern in this lab because of a few of its unique qualities. C-Fern exists as a haploid organism when it is a gametophyte, and once fertilized becomes a diploid sporophyte (Lab Manual 2.2). Also, the two variations of the allele for color are easily noticeable. These phenotypes are green (dominant) and pale (recessive). In this lab we crossed haploid gametophytes to try and observe the inheritance and expression of the gene that codes for color and noted if our results matched predicted Mendelian ratios.

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