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CAPT Lab Letter

             In response to your request to find a substance that will easily and cheaply clean pennies, my lab mates and I have devised an experiment to test different substances for cleaning properties on pennies. Since hot sauce makes an excellent cleaning agent, we decided that we would test ingredients of hot sauce. The three ingredients tested were:.
             1. Chopped Jalapeno Peppers.
             2. Minced Onion.
             3. Vinegar.
             We decided our control to be real hot sauce. This would provide us with an excellent standard to compare the results of the before mentioned ingredients to.
             To perform this experiment, the following materials were required:.
             1. Waxed paper.
             2. 12 equally dirty pennies (dirty on one side at least).
             3. Access to water.
             4. Stop watch.
             5. Chopped Jalapeno Peppers.
             6. Minced Onion.
             7. Vinegar.
             8. Hot Sauce.
             9. Paper towels.
             To perform this experiment, we used the following experimental design. First we set out four equally dirty pennies in a row on the waxed paper. 3-4 drops of hot sauce were placed on the first penny. Just enough peppers to coat were placed on the second penny. Just enough onions to coat were placed on the third penny, and 3-4 drops of vinegar were placed on the fourth penny. 60 seconds were allowed for the cleaning effect to take place. The ingredients were wiped off, and the pennies lightly rinsed. Then the pennies were rated on a 1-4 system (one being the best cleaned, 4 the worst). We repeated the entire experiment twice more for accuracy.
             Our results are as follows:.
             Ingredients Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3.
             Hot Sauce (control) 1 1 1.
             Onion 4 4 2.
             Peppers 2 2 3.
             Vinegar 3 3 3.
             Ingredient Average Rating.
             Hot Sauce (control) 1.00.
             Onions 3.33.
             Peppers 2.33.
             Vinegar 3.00.
             Based solely on the results of the experiment besides the control (hot sauce) we have determined that chopped jalapeno peppers do the best average job cleaning pennies than the other ingredients. However, logically, hot sauce would still remain to be the best choice.

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