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How Revolutionary Was The Amer

            How exactly would one define a revolution? The dictionary defines the.
             word "revolution" as the overthrow of one government and its.
             replacement of another. To me, this definition is partly correct. The.
             American Revolution ended two centuries of British rule for most of the.
             North American colonies and created the modern United States of.
             America. The Revolutionary era was both exhilarating and disturbing--a.
             time of progress for some, dislocation for others. In the wake of the.
             Revolution came events as varied as the drafting and ratification of the.
             Constitution of the United States of America and the rebellions of slaves.
             who saw the contrast between slavery and proclamations of liberty.
             Although there were plenty of drastic changes in the revolution, I do not.
             think it was a true "revolution". .
             The Revolution was actually the result of radical ideas stemming.
             from the European philosophers during the Enlightenment. The.
             Enlightenment was a refutation of the idea that your life is totally controlled.
             by an outside force whether it be God or the state. The whole premise was.
             in regard to the rights of the people; how they demanded to be governed.
             and treated. Most of the people wanted a brand new government and a.
             whole new lifestyle. But this didn't have to become an overthrow. The.
             British wanted everything in America to be the same as theirs, but the.
             people of the enlightenment were tired of the old traditional ways of doing.
             things so they welcomed new ideas and often expanded on them. For.
             almost an entire century prior to the American Revolution, people in.
             Europe were already making a transition. Although rulers from all over.
             Europe entertained thoughts based on these new concepts, they were.
             afraid of revolutions and tried to maintain control whenever possible. This.
             made radical actions based on these free-thinking ideas difficult to.
             perform within a highly structured and traditional government and society.
             As time progressed, however, and liberal ideas grew and spread, the.

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