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            Class, can i have your atention please. The numero one, the soft drink, is under the table. If, numero one, the soft drink, this dejabo of the table. Now they put the books, the numero two, over the chair. If, they put the books over the chair. Oh are many books! Now numero three, the notebook, over the table, al right side. If, over the table but al right side. And now the numero four, the boots, they put the boot behind chair. And they put the numero five, the dog, under the table but far from the soft drink because the dog wants to drink the soft drink. To see, I repeat the soft drink this underneath of the table. number two, over the chair. numder three, over the table, al right side. number four, detras of the chair and the numero five, the dog, underneath of the table but far from the soft drink. We continue pongon the numero six, the clock, in the wall, above the shale, you go, above the shale. To the students pleases them to see the clock. And now the numero eight, the flower the flower for the teacher put the flower over the table tambien and al left side of the notebook but not very nearby. And now the numero 9, the placard pongon the placard al right side of the shale. Very well, now they put the numero ten ┬┐That is? Oh, you go a fish. They put the fish over the table, in mediode the flower and the notebook. It roughens, and now, finally, pongon the numero eleven, the apple the apples in a place please me very far from the dog, if very far from the dog because the dog wants to play with the apple of the teacher. I repeat if please. numero six above the shale. numero seven under the chair, the eight al side zarra, the ten in the middle of the notebook and the flower. And my apple far from the dog. If, the place is not importanate, but far from the dog. Thanks, class. .

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