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Disproportionate Suffering:

            Women and Depression: Disproportionate Suffering.
             Women have a number of issues they have to deal with each year: family, career, caring for elderly parents, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause, to name a few. However, there is one more problem that millions of women face each year: depression. There are a number of reasons that women are more susceptible to this debilitating disease and fortunately, many treatments available to control it. .
             18.8 million Americans, which is approximately 10% of the population, suffer from depression in any given year (LearnAboutDepression.com). Most people know depression as a feeling of sadness, however, the disease it quite more in depth than that. Depression is defined as an emotional state of persistent dejection, ranging from relatively mild discouragement and gloominess to feelings of extreme despondency and despair (Encyclopedic Dictionary 246). .
             There are a number of symptoms that can occur with depression, and it has been found that women tend to possess some different symptoms than men. Some of these symptoms are: increased appetite, oversleeping, and expressed anger, while men seem to report the opposite effects. Other general symptoms include irritability, social withdrawal, feelings of gloominess and worthlessness, and loss of desire to participate in activities that used to be pleasurable. Depression also affects the brain. It interferes with concentration and the ability to make decisions (Psychology Information). .
             Psychologists have found that there are three types of depression. People who experience multiple symptoms everyday for at least two weeks are said to have major depression, also known as clinical depression. This is the most common type and can occur several times in a lifetime (Psychology Information).
             Dysthymia, a second type, is the same as major except that it lasts much longer. Dysthemia usually occurs for at least two years consecutively (Psychology Information).

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