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Gender Discrimination

            Nowadays, the elemental concept of democracy (countries where applies) should be based on the equality of human beings. However, women have been suffering and still encountering situations where equality is ignored and therefore discrimination takes place. At first, women have to face disparity in the family where men are taken as the head of the house. This situation basically spreads out through out society getting to the workplace and the rest of the community. Of course, depending on the country women discrimination could be more severe and is sometimes based on stereotypes where women are downgraded. In order to have an idea on how severe this situation is getting around the world, the following statistics show the chaotic situation regarding this topic. Out of 1.3 billion people living in poverty around the world, 70% are women, and it is believed that the increasing poverty among women is directly related to the unfair and unequal situations that they are confronting at the workplace, in their families and in the disparities on the welfare systems around the world considering females. Furthermore, women are the majority of the today's society illiterate, and they work more hours than men and most of their work remains unpaid, unrecognized and undervalued. Women hold between 10 and 20% of managerial and administrative jobs worldwide and less than 20% of jobs in manufacturing. They receive a disproportionately small share of credit from formal banking institutions. The participation of women in economic and political decision-making remains very limited. Women occupy only 10% of parliamentary seats and make up less than 5 % of the world's heads of state. The starkest reflection of the low status accorded to women is the discrimination against them in the law. In many countries, the treatment accorded to women, whether in terms of property rights, rights of inheritance, laws related to marriage and divorce, or the rights to acquire nationality, manage property or seek employment, reflects the inequality between men and women.

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