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Gender Bias

             Ever since 1970 the largest issue that kept on developing was focused on .
             the fact that courts are very gender bias when it involves; tender years" doctrine. .
             This approach held that mothers were generally entitled to custody of the child .
             during his or her tender years, which was the child's period of nurture (from .
             birth to the age of seven), after tender years the father became entitled to the.
             custody of his child. Though the issues still a rise that mother's can take better .
             care of a child during his or her tender years" doctrine, whereas many father .
             social groups believe that there is no difference in fathers taking care of children .
             or mothers. As researchers provide evidence that when a child lives with their .
             mother through their tender years begin to go through a period where they begin .
             to hate their fathers because of the lack of time fathers spend time with their .
             child to. Ever since this belief was established, courts have proved how they are .
             gender bias when it comes to tender years doctrine.
             There have been many magazines published, such as: Divorce Magazine, .
             which provides information on divorce statistics and opinions of other parents .
             which relate to the idea of divorce. Divorce Magazine has listed percentages of .
             divorces and many other issues involving tender years doctrine, it has been said .
             that twenty percentage of non-custodial parents miss daily contact with their .
             own children who live with their mothers because of tender years doctrine. It has .
             also listed the fact that forty-five percent of mother's are the one who initiate .
             divorce. Tender years doctrine, should only be useful to mother's who have .
             enough income to provide the children with his of her needs until the father .
             doesn't get custody. Some websites such as: www.dadsdivorce.com also express .
             their opinions freely, where they believe that tender years doctrine is unfair to .
             the father's because they don't get to spend as much time as the mother's, which .

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