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Bias based on gender and culture

            Bias has become unavoidable in the present society, pervaded by all sorts of prejudices and discrimination. These biases are based on many things such as gender and culture. Most biases based on gender are traditional and have drifted into present day society. Gender biases generally result from the belief that one sex is inferior to the other in certain activities and performances. Culture bias is developed from the belief in ethnocentrism, the belief that one's culture is the only right, proper, and moral one. This belief can be harmful as it leads to prejudices. As mentioned, gender biases are traditional, and although they still exist, they are being minimized. Bias is portrayed and promoted by institutions such as the education system and further emphasized by the media. In many cases, gender bias within a culture provokes bias towards that culture in general and is presented in social concerns such as immigration. Thus, it seems that gender bias is an inevitable part of society in which the extremes and severity of the prejudices vary among different cultures thereby promoting cultural bias.
             Although traditional gender bias cannot be eliminated completely, they are being reduced in western culture. This reduction results from the fact that as the material world changes, so do ideas about gender. For instances, in the past, women were given less value and importance than men, which resulted in less opportunity. This however, is changing with lifestyles. During the time of traditional lifestyles, society's perception on gender roles and responsibilities were influenced by stereotypes such as, women are weak and need to be maintained as opposed to men who are strong and support others. These stereotypes and the gender gap are being minimized in some areas while others still require more attention. For instance, the gender gap in European school is closing, as girls are significantly better than boys in subjects that are believed ti be male oriented because they tend to work harder than boys.

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