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Gender Discrimination in the Military

            Gender Discrimination in the Military.
             Sexual harassment issues have caused gender discrimination in the United States military. After much publicity, high ranking officials have set forth double standards in the U.S. Air Force. Guidelines and strict rules have been set forth to compensate gender in all aspects of the workplace. A woman is simply not an employee that can be approached in the same manner as her male counterpart. There are rules against sexual harassment, fraternization, and simple policies that point out the discrimination by gender. Sexual harassment is by far the most destructive and controlling means of discrimination.
             Sexual harassment comes in verbal and physical threats. Sexual advances that are unwelcome or requests of sexual favors constitutes quid pro quo harassment. Quid pro harassment also occurs when an employee is led to believe that if they are not to participate in the desired sexual conduct that loss of job or promotion may be the result. Other forms of harassment may include physical aspects such as touching, fondling, hugging, kissing, intercourse, or other acts of a sexual nature. Dirty jokes, rumors, discussing one's sexual activity, and public displays of affection may also be considered sexual harassment. Sexual harassment has become such an ongoing problem for the U.S. military that double standards have been set according to gender.
             The gender of the employee, whether in command or lower on the chain, affects the way that employee is treated. This begins in basic training. All men have their heads shaved to show a sign of equality. The men are started out with a sense of no matter race or wealth that everyone is now on an even playing field. This is not so for women in the military. Women are allowed to keep their hair as long as it is pulled up and kept nicely. Military men and women are both taught teamwork through association. However, this association has rules governing the limitations to the type of socialization.

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