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Women in the Military

            Women in the Military: Good or Bad??.
             Ever since September 11th, war has become a more prominent issue amongst U.S. Citizens, especially women. Everyone wants to take part in helping our country, but some women simply can't because of their gender. Many women would love to be involved and fight in the war, but are not able to due to the current law, and rules of the military. Some believe women don't have the aggression, strength, determination, and the physical abilities needed to fight in war. But can any of this be proven? Are these fair assumptions?? Women have been fighting for equal rights forever, and have gained many of the rights they fought for in their efforts. Is it fair to deny military rights to them as well, or will this just be another obstacle that will soon be overcome? To better understand this topic, I read two articles about women in the military. "Should Women Be Soldiers or Pacifists?" by April Carter, and "Toward a Gender-Blind Military" by Cynthia Dunbar. I found that each author had their own unique writing style, and each had different viewpoints on the topic. .
             In the Article "Should Women Be Soldiers or Pacifists?" by April Carter, she seems to be against women in the military, and appears to be very one sided throughout her paper. Where as in Dunbar's Essay, "Toward a Gender-Blind Military" she seems to be more for it than against it. I found that even though she seems to be for it, she does a good job covering the opposing side's counterarguments. Something that Carter didn't always do in her essay. .
             April Carter starts her essay by saying, "The dominant image of women in war shows women suffering: weeping for husbands or sons in battle, and if defeated, becoming the sexual booty of their conquerors." She later states, "Women have been expected to support their men-cheering their warriors, offering sympathy and companionship, and nursing the wounded.

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