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Women In The Military

            When people ask me what I think about the modern military, I tell them things that they do not usually agree with. One of these statements is that the minimum standards for the women's basic training should be increased. Otherwise, women should not be in the military. .
             Now I am not trying to put women down or say that men are greater than women, but I am trying to say that the expectations for men and women should be completely equal. Feminists are always demanding that women deserve equal opportunities, equal pay, and not to be looked at as inferior. I am all for that. Women should have all those things, but with the good there is always the bad. The thing that bothers me is that Feminists want equal rights when it is to their advantage. You never hear a Feminist saying that women should also register for the draft. You never hear a feminist say that women should have to conform to the standards of men in the military. They want equality when it is in their favor.
             Another thing that makes me have this opinion is the actual basic training. Women do not have to go through the same rigorous standards as men. That should offend all women because those uneven standards are saying that the military believes that women are inferior to men so let's lower our expectations of them. For instance, men have to run a three-mile course in a time under 24 minutes. They must also be able to do a minimum of three pull-ups. In addition to that, they also have to complete a series of 50 push-ups, 60 sit-ups, and some other calisthenics, each within a five-minute period. Women on the other hand, must run the same three mile course, but in 32 minutes. They only have to do one single pull-up, and they only have to complete 25 push-ups and 30 thirty sit-ups each in five minutes. How are these standards fair? As I said at the beginning of this paper, the military should be at an optimum level of efficiency.

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