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Women in the Military

             The general opinion of women in the military is that they shouldn't be there,.
             that women serve the war effort better by caring for their families. The truth.
             is that women have a significant role in the war effort. If women can make the.
             guns that are used to fight in the military, shouldn't they be able to use them?.
             Woman should be allowed in all areas of the military. Contrary to common belief women posses many physical advantages over men Women are less susceptible to.
             altitude sickness. Women also have a greater tolerance to cold temperatures.
             because of the extra layer of body fat women have. "The obvious conclusions were.
             that the services could utilize far more women than they had planned to (more.
             than twice as many) without disturbing combat effectiveness, and that.
             significant economies and force quality improvements would result" (Holm, 255).
             Commanding officers who have served under combat conditions feel that women.
             perform was well as mean. "there are always going to be some limitations on our.
             people because no two people come of the same size and strength, generally.
             speaking. This has not been a problem to us. Our women perform the duties, as do.
             our men There are times when obviously a 200-pound pump cannot be lifted by.
             women; however, that same pump may not be able to be lifted by all of the male.
             population of a particular unit as well. We have exposed the women to the gamut.
             of our missions: law enforcement; marine environmental protection; aids to.
             navigations; all of the other missions that we have. I can categorically state,.
             sir, that their performance has be outstanding" (Holm, 341). With correct.
             training a woman, can be as tough as any man. Women also have better vision.
             making them able to see things more clearly then men.
             Women are "an integral part" of the Nations defense, and they can do the job.
             "as well" if not better then their male comrades. Through the services, women.
             are promoted with less time-in-service than name to every grade from.

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