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Israeli Military And Peace Movement

            The Israeli Military has one of the finest militaries and air forces in the world. They are considered one of the finest because they are constantly at war with the Palestinians. The Palsar Tzanhanim, or paratrooper reconnaissance commandos, serves a vital role during times of war because it gathers important information behind enemy lines that is imperative to the Israeli military. With a great deal of responsibility and fortitude, they are among Israeli's top soldiers. Israeli men serve in the military from age eighteen to twenty one, while the women serve shorter terms. After their mandatory three year term is served with the Israeli army they will continue to be frequently drafted back into military service but only for a short term. This happens numerous times until the age of forty four. Because of the frequent recall into service, many soldiers may forget their official ranking, and thus salutes become pointless. These men who are called back into the active duty live normal lifestyles as lawyers, farmers, and so forth. "Last week, I was at home playing with my children and now here I am, a soldier again."(Hatzair) They live apprehensive lifestyles because of the distress of putting their life on hold for the Israeli army. In turn, the love and devotion they have for their country is immeasurable. .
             Some say the Israeli army is fighting a lost battle. "Israeli military action can only deepen the Israeli-Palestine conflict." (Hatzair) The conflict is not only difficult to understand but also to win, because this war is being fought from rooftops and civilian bedroom windows. "On the one hand, I really didn't believe this operation was going to solve anything and would probably push peace further away."(Hatzair) He also says the only factor that keeps him alive is the relationship that he has with his fellow friend-soldiers. The Israeli armed forces fight along side each other for quite some time.

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