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Women In Military

             Since World War II, women have slowly established their presence in war zones from Korea to Vietnam, Grenada and the Gulf, yet they still face opponents who argue against women in war. They are still banned from what is defined by the Department of Defense as "direct combat with the enemy." women in history was helpful in releasing men for combat. Thus, women must have equal place in the war as men.
             First of all, one of the reason why women must serve the front lines in the war is because women in the military are eager to serve their country to the fullest extent possible. Women endured the same living condition, duties, and responsibilities as men. They performed professionally and without friction or special consideration (4). They are ready to share difficult and dangerous tasks with their male counterparts and conscious that in many cases (3). Also, they volunteer to carry life-threatening risks for their country. By late February, there were 26,000 Army, 3,700 Navy, 2,200 Marine, and 5,300 Air Force women deployed. Women has served in almost all of the hundreds of occupations open to them (4). It is true that U.S. military women in the 21st century can fly combat plane and helicopters, serve on combat ships, command battalions in combat areas, tracking satellites. Women were administrators, air traffic controllers, logisticians, engineer equipment mechanics, drivers, and guards. Women endured the same harsh conditions as their male collogues. From the military history, the deployment of women was highly successful. Thus, women performed admirably and without substantial friction or special considerations (4).
             Moreover, women's role in military continues to grow. Female soldiers are not allowed on the front line, but they are close to the front lines. Women hope that they can do more as the military relies more on technology. U.S. Army Sgt. Janet Hunter said that, "We can do as much as men do.

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