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The Death of Notorious B.I.G

             G in March of 1997, was a tragedy that devastated the rap/ hip-hop industry. Since Biggie was assassinated six months after Tupac Shakur, his death was reported in many newspapers and magazines, each giving its own view on his death. An article entitled "Requiem for a Gangsta" out of Newsweek magazine was published the same time as the Jet magazine article "East Coast rapper Notorious B.I.G was Killed in a Los Angeles Drive By", however both of these magazines have their own interpretation of the murder. These magazines each portray Biggie in a different point of view. Newsweek portrays him in the white perspective, while Jet portrays him from the black point of view. .
             "Requiem for Gangsta" taken from Newsweek magazine, portrays Biggie as a drug dealing gangster. The title of the article gives the gangster image before even reading the article. The word "requiem" is a mass for the deceased. "Requiem" is a more dramatic word that draws attention to the article, instead of the word such as mourning. Already this has given Biggie the image of a gangster and not a rapper. In the introduction of the article Leland implies that the only reason for Biggie going to L.A (where he was slain) was to get out of New York because he had, "assault charges and drug charges and weapon charges, a marriage in the final stages of dissolution: just too much drama"(Leland 74). He clearly states that Biggie had drama and he was trying to hide from his problems, not the mere fact that maybe he just wanted to go to L.A relax from all the fame. Leland also mentions that Biggie sold drugs and all of his raps involve sex, drugs and living in the ghetto. He fails to mention that the reason Biggie sold drugs was to support his daughter as he cites in his song "Juicy" off the album Ready to Die. He also refers to negative songs on Biggie's album such as "Who Shot Ya". He does not refer to any of the positive songs like "Skies the Limit" which was dedicated two Biggie's young children.

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