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Out of Sight, Out of Mind

             Do you ever think about getting old? Will your family take care of you, if not then whom? Those are a few questions you need to think about. I think about them often, especially when I see a frail old lady struggling with her walker or cane while trying to get through the grocery store without getting taunted about being slow and in the way of others. Sometimes the elderly will have their loved-ones or caretakers with them to assist when needed, but you wonder if they really want to help them or just feel obligated. I've seen some that have the love and patience to help and I've seen some that were hateful and impatient when they've had to wait on them. To think that there's people out that will treat their parents and grandparents this way is heartbreaking. I guess they think they won't need anyone to help them should they get old and disabled. I hope that when I grow old that my children won't treat me that way or place me in a nursing home and forget about me like so many families do.
             I took the time to visit a nearby nursing home to see if it's anything like I've read about or seen on the news in the past. I have concerns about the abuse, neglect and just being left alone to wither away. .
             As I pulled into the parking lot of Sunbridge Care and Rehabilitation, I noticed that the building was larger than the last time I had came by this way, which had been a few years. The building was cream colored with turquoise trim and almost twice the size. The landscaping was simple, but attractive. I parked and my car and walked toward the entrance passing a section of Barberry Bushes, Boxwood Bushes, and a few bright red leafy plants that was accented by tiny white-flowered plants around them. The sidewalk was lined with Monkey Grass. There were a variety of trees along the front and side of the building, which provided shade to the residents that sat outside on the patio.
             The first person that I noticed was this old fella sitting on the patio, watching the traffic buzz by and enjoying the evening breeze.

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