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shes come undone

            Within the novel she's come undone, the main character Dolores Price struggles with reality and tries to understand her life. All the people Dolores loved, either abandoned her, died, or betray her. Her father abandoned her when she was still young and her boyfriend Dante had abandoned her when she told him she was pregnant, "I couldn't tell if my vomiting was from being pregnant of being abandoned ". Dolores had many difficulties at school and with her social life. She never had many friends. People in her life that contributed to her downfall were the Pysyk twins, and her father. She had a tough life. Throughout Dolores Price's life she encounters countless difficulties, which include bullying through out her childhood, abandonment by her father, rape when she was only thirteen years old, death of loved ones, and divorce, with these challenges come drastic changes in her lifestyle, challenges which affected Dolores's life for the worst the most were rape, abandonment, and death all of these difficulties lead to Dolores's stay at a mental hospital. .
             When a girl turns 13 her life changes, her body changes. She is in eighth grade and preparing for high school. Being 13 is a hard year; you prepare to say goodbye to old friends and hello to new friends. For Dolores price this was an especially hard year. Throughout elementary school Dolores had trouble making friends with anyone, the Pysyk twins made Dolores's life especially difficult. They mimicked Dolores constantly, and made fun of her about everything. Dolores was happy to go to school because she thought Stacia and Rosaline Pysyk were not at the same school, "Grandma said rough girls like the Pysyks attended public school" but Dolores unfortunately found out that the Pysyks were in her class. When Dolores met Jack Speight moved into the rented space above Dolores's house. Jack was Dolores's only friend, they were always there for each other.

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