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Exploitation of Exploration

            Exploitation of Exploration in America.
             It was the beginning of the sixteenth century and Europe was becoming more and more greedy for gold. During the 1400's Europe had been searching for new trade routes to India and when Spain sent Christopher Columbus he found the West Indies or the present day Caribbean. The King then sent more men to mine the silver and gold found there. The King was sending men to cultivate the land into money for himself. When Christopher Columbus returned he told the King that there were a people there naked of culture and that they could be used as cheap slaves to mine and thus increase the wealth of Spain. The King heard this and then used religion as reason to conquer the people of the America's. The America's opened new routes of trade and if Spain had more territory then it could mine more and make more silver and gold. .
             During the expansion of Europe religion was used to set the King upon a pedestal amongst his people and allies while conquering new lands. Religion at the time had very strong dogma and was feared everywhere. Thus by way of redemption the state could enslave new lands. After the first voyage of Columbus Pope Alexander VI said ".Barbarous nations be overthrown and brought to faith itself." So now the head of the Catholic faith had condone using the people of America to mine gold, silver, and collect such things as spices all for the profit of Europeans. .
             The development of mines in America allowed for new system of trade. Sea routes to the America's allowed for raw materials to enter a country and then be sold as manufactured goods back to the same forum that sent them. This meant that Spain had a new national system of trade that relied less on international trade. New lands meant new items for trade and then more riches for the country that provided these rare items. Some of the items available due to the conquering of new lands were tobacco, rice, kidney beans, and banana's.

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