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"Declaration of Independence"

             Without wasting any time lets just get right to the point, Jefferson states in the introduction of the "Declaration of Independence" that in certain cases, at certain times in life there might come a time where people will have to overcome the grasp of another political party/connection. Especially if their God given Laws of Nature are being taken away or suppressed by the controlling political party. In that case and scenario the opposing individuals who are being denied their God given rights, need to abolish the connections with the current government form, with respect to proper and acceptable rationalization for doing so.
             Following what seemed to be the prelude for the "Declaration of Independence," Jefferson goes into detail about why people should break away from the current control of the king. He starts of, first and foremost, stating "we hold these truths to be self-evident" in regards to being God's creation and having undeniable given rights at birth, that should not be taken away by anything or anyone. This mainly includes natural rights such as "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." In order for us to keep these rights we set up governing bodies and systems to make sure that everything is kept intact. If these rights are ever broken or the governing body oppresses people from embellishing in their respectable rights, then the people have the right to abolish the government in charge at that time. Furthermore it is up to the people to set up a new government that is respectful to their safety and happiness. .
             Jefferson tries to make a strong argument for how ungodly the people had been treated by King George throughout his tyrannical and insipid rule. In order to prove so to be true, he documents approximately twenty seven instances were the King had excelled in being unfair to the people occupying the states. He had refused to pass laws of crucial necessity and importance, by means of governor control.

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