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Americas pas

             Baseball is said to be America's pastime? It seems like football is definitely taking over that role in America. Football is taking over because of the salary cap, football season is shorter, and football is more entertaining to watch.
             Because salary caps give all teams an equal chance of picking up good players they are one of the greatest attributes of the NFL. The salary cap is each teams income on how much that they can spend building up players for their team. In other sports like baseball a team with the most money can't make a dream team that dominates the entire league by offering all the best players more money to play on their team. This gives every team in the league strong players. If every team has strong players this gives every team a chance to win no matter who playing the game. Players can still hold out for money, but the good thing about the salary cap is the player holding out will probably go to one of the worst teams because that team is willing to pay a lot for a playmaker. The cap is a great benefit of the NFL.
             Football seasons are completely different than just about any sport. In a regular football season team plays sixteen; unless, a team makes it into the playoffs then they will play four more games if they make it all the way to the Super bowl. There is two main days a week for football to be played Sunday and Monday night. Sunday every league in the team plays except for one or two who have the week off. Monday night football is the biggest game of the week and has the most hype behind it. In other sports over a hundred games are played a season, so that's like four or five games a week. Playing only one game a week makes fans look forward to the game. When football teams get to the playoffs one game eliminations are played not a series of games. One game decides it all so they have to play 110% the whole time they cannot make it up the next two or three games.

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