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spanish history

             This composition is going to be on the history of the Spanish background. This dissertation will state Spanish customs, writing styles, and more of their ethnic background.
             The Spanish, like other Latin cultures, make the lunch meal their biggest, stretching it out for hours. From lunchtime to around evening, everything shuts down, except for classes for the restaurants. Then, after this long, easy meal they return to their jobs and continue into the night. The evening meal is kind of late to where there times ranges from about 9 PM to midnight. Although most Americans aren't used to eating dinner so late, you might think in the Spanish favorite, tapas, as a light supper, although no real Spaniard would ever do this. Tapas are snacks and dinner is dinner even if it's at midnight.
             Spanish is eventually a copy of Latin. Standard Latin is a rather fake, proper, and old version of what was spoken in the days of the Roman Empire. This kind of Latin stopped to be in slang use sometime around the second century BC, but its use in decree and especially writing has continued down to the present day. But the language spoken by the common man, and spread by the advance Roman legions, was bad. .
             The consonants of Spanish match to those of Latin, but Spanish has developed a little difficulty on the creative plan. The letters: b, d, f, k, l, m, n, p, q, t, r, s, are still pronounced basically as in Latin. .

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