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Spanish-American War

             The Spanish - American War was during the summer of 1898.
             "It was one of the shortest and most pathetically one-sided wars in.
             modern history." .
             The war started because of the Cuban struggle for.
             independence since 1895. The United States was so concerned with.
             Cuba's independence because they would greatly benefit in.
             economic interest.
             Americans could not stand the Spanish general Valeriano.
             Weyler y Nicolau, also called the "Butcher". They did not like him.
             because of the way he would treat the Cubans he considered disloyal.
             to Spain. It was alarming to them that he would put them in.
             concentration areas and they would receive severe terrible treatment.
             By 1896, Americans demanded to get involved with the war.
             between Cuba and Spain. Despite the demands, President Grover.
             Cleveland and his successor, William McKinley were against the.
             Riots had broke out in Havana, Cuba in December and the.
             United States sent the battleship Maine to protect American interests.
             A huge explosion destroyed the Maine on the night of February 15,.
             1898. After this incident, many Americans began to shout.
             "Remember the Maine, and to hell with Spain!".
             All of President McKinley's peace efforts failed and on April 11,.
             1898, Mckinley requested a declaration of war to Congress. A short.
             time after that, Spain broke off diplomatic relations with the United.
             States and declared war on April 24, 1898. Congress then passed.
             Mckinley's war message on April 25, 1898.
             The war was fought on two fronts, in the Caribbean and in the.
             Philippines. Spain had no chance in a major naval conflict against.
             the United States especially with it's four new battleships (The.
             Indiana, the Iowa, the Massachusetts, and the Oregon) in it's North.
             Atlantic squadron. Spain might have had a good chance if the war.
             was fought mainly on land because the United States was not well.
             prepared for combat on land. Fortunately, the Navy's quick work to.
             get the job done made it unnecessary.

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