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             There are several skillful short story writers in the American Literatureso many that it would be difficult for one to name the best writer, since each had different literary elements, backgrounds, and writing styles. Yet one similarity exists between writers, and that is the frequent usage of irony in his stories.
             So what is irony? Irony often is a literary technique expressing something different from and often opposite to their literal meaning. Sometimes it serves as tone of the story.
             By using irony in the story, the author causes higher interest among readers, and emphasizes a meaning that he wants to carry. .
             In "The Story of An Hour? Kate Chopin tries to develop Irony by using three literary elementscharacters, settings, and plotswith the symbolism of her disease as well as the simile to a goddess of Victory. .
             Louis Mallard, who has been suffered by a heart disease, receives news of her husband's death. Shocked and frightened, Louis decides to be alone for a while. .
             While having some thoughts in her room, she realizes that freedom is now in her hands, and starts to celebrate. However, Brently Mallard, the husband of Louis returns without even knowing what has happened, and Louis dies instantly after catching a glance of him.
             In this story, the setting makes irony because Louis is exulting at her freedom in a place where no one else is allowed to enteror rather, a place that locked her in. .
             Other charactersLouis'sister Josephine and Richard, who's a friend of Brently, thought Louis was suffering tremendously when she actually rejoiced herself in the room - their cognizance also contributed to the development of irony. .
             Additionally, her being described as "A goddess of Victory'shows irony in two ways.
             Often supernatural figures, including goddess, that are worshipped by people have characteristics of possessing magical power and the immortality. After this simile, however, Louise faces her husband's return and dies instantly; the death implicates "defeat?rather than "victory?itself.

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