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Anabolic Steroids

            Athletes turn too many different alternative's to increase there performance. One alternative these athletes choose are anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids are drugs derived from the male hormone testosterone. They promote muscle growth and increase lean body mass. Anabolic steroids have approved medical uses; however they are abused by some athletes and others seeking to improve performance and physical appearance. These non-medical users are taking steroids illegally and carry many health hazards. The use of steroids to gain muscle mass is quick and effective, but it has some serious negative effects as well. Steroid use is more common than most people think. Weight lifters and other athletes use them to gain strength very quickly, but after they stop using them and lose some strength, they become trapped in the steroid cycle. First, the benefits of steroids are very plain to see. The user gains mass, speed, and strength very quickly. Also, he has a more aggressive attitude, which is good for many athletes, especially football players. A weight lifter can gain the strength and mass he wants without having to work as hard as natural body builders do and he can get ready for competitions in a much shorter time. A lot of people do not see anything wrong with steroids because the body already produces testosterone; therefore steroids just increase the amount. .
             One reason why athletes use steroids is that bodybuilding and improving athletic performance are in turn directly related to the need that man has to have dominance over other males. This can be done verbally, intellectually, or physically. In our society we have always praised the athletes that achieve the most amazing physical feats or that have achieved cosmetic perfection. As we know, having large muscles enhances confidence, strength, and physical attraction to the opposite sex, which can lead to popularity. Being extra strong can also dramatically aid an individual's performance in most sports.

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