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Bikers Destroying Society

            Canadian society is plagued by organizations that dedicate themselves to illegal activity. Many of these organizations are spotted and dealt with, but many are not. Organized crime hides itself under the radar in society and its severity is not recognized. Most organizations keep a low profile and society only hears and reads about the statistics that these organizations post. One such group, the biker gang, is creating a dangerous and terrifying future for Canada. Their devious and controlling ways allow them to thrive on the destruction of society. Biker gangs are able to commit their brutal deeds with little resistance as law enforcement has conveniently managed to dodge the issue of biker gangs frequently. Biker gangs are developing rapidly and are destroying society as they expand. The small amount of funds given by the Government of Canada to break down biker gangs is being placed into the wrong aspects of law enforcement. Not only this, but the Government also needs to recognize the brutal impact of biker gangs and enact laws to assist in their demise. Because of the extreme danger biker gangs bring to Canadian society, more government resources need to be dedicated to eliminate their power. .
             Biker gangs are spreading rapidly across the ten provinces of Canada. Their cross-country expansion has been swift and little has been done to prevent their domination. "It will start quietly, but it could escalate to a bloodbath- (Wilkins). There are 40 outlaw motorcycle gangs in Canada. Full members of these gangs total about 1200, with at least ten underlings per gang member. There are currently 12 motorcycle gangs in Ontario alone, totaling over 500 members. The rapid development has gone virtually unnoticed across the Country and many are unaware of their controlling presence. "Canadians in the rest of the country are virtually unaware of the size and scale of the outlaw motorcycle gang (OMG) problem- (Wilkins).

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