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             Suicide is the act of taking ones life voluntarily and intentionally. A person may commit suicide for sociological, psychological or biological reasons. Suicide could be caused by a various number of things occurring in one's life at a certain time, choosing one reason would be too simplistic and close-minded to explain such a complex expression of built up emotion. It has been said that the process of socialization is one of the most important processes that one must go through to evolve into a successful member of the society in which he is born into. Society therefore has a very strong influence on the actions and behaviour of a human being. A negative reaction from the members of society that we are surrounded by from the moment we are born until the day that we die, could lead to self questioning and disapproval of ones self. One's psychological perception of this situation could result in a temporary solution or an extreme solution, such as suicide. One could see the negative remark of a loved one as an offering of constructive criticism, whereas the other could take it as a hint that they do not fit in, and they never will, and therefore could feel pressure to change and assimilate into the society's "norms". They could strive to blend in, and be unsuccessful. To one that has already experienced such hardships in their life, this can be a monumental discovery, that could lead to the demise of one's life. One's perception could have uncontrollable biological reasoning. An individual with the predisposed gene for depression would be more likely to see the pessimistic view as opposed to one who does not have the depression gene in their genetic code. All three factors contribute to an individuals "reality" and therefore, not only one area could fully explain the causation of such an emblematic tragedy. .
             The biological make up and chemical balance in ones brain are said to be a contributing factors in suicidal behaviour.

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