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adam and eve revisited

             The serpent was a great philosopher, the greatest of them all which God did not realize he made. The serpent came around to the man and woman and asked them many a questions of their surroundings and of their purpose. The serpent then offered them fruit from the forbidden tree, which to their knowledge was poison. The woman, Aphrodite simply answered: "From what God tells us we will die if we eat from the tree." The serpent replies and tells them "Your eyes will be opened and you will become like God, knowing good and evil, for the only reason why he told you not to eat it is because he is afraid you will know as much as he does." Aphrodite ignores the serpent and acts as though he is not present. Adam on the other hand becomes interested in learning more about how he can know more, and become more powerful. .
             The version found in the Old Testament shapes women to be stupid, vulnerable and weak. After her eating the apple God tells her: "I will intensify the pangs of your childbearing: in pain shall you bring forth children. Yet your urge shall be your husband and he shall be your master." Are we serious? Why were women looked at as the weakest, as sin to the world? Who was there to really know what happened? .
             The ego within the man filled with desires of power and strength pushed him to grab the fruit. The fruit that according to his inner testosterone will open up his eyes, give him power, broaden his shoulders, make him master, and pump his "asset." When he took a bite his eyes were opened, opened to the nakedness of Aphrodite, the juiciness of her breasts, the firmness of her ass, the soft sensual skin. He offered her a bite and told her to trust him. So she did so and became aware of all of her surroundings. She became aware of the male egos all around her just hungry for power and fame, hoping to be masters of the universe. Alive and well, to ruin the lives of the women whom are punished through child bearing and their positions in society.

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