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No to Pot

             "Pot", "dope", "dank", "doja", and "weed" are a few street terms used for marijuana. Marijuana is a plant that can be ingested or smoked for pleasurable and hallucinogenic effects. This drug is widely used among teenagers and college students. Brent Staples was a college smoker. He is the author of "The Runaway Son". "The Runaway Son" is a personal story that staples wrote about how he ran away from his family to attend college. Staples admitted while he was in college, he experienced with marijuana (330). .
             Short-term memory loss, distortion of perception, increased heart rate, and a weaken immune system are some of the negative physical affects. Not only can it affect the user, but the user's family and friends. It destroys trusts, friendship, and relationships. Because of the negative effects of marijuana and its use, the government has regulated and prohibited the use and possession of it for decades now. However, recent studies have revealed that the natural ingredients contained in marijuana can be use to relieve pain of certain illnesses. Illnesses such as glaucoma, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis. It also relieves pain for patients going through chemotherapy. As a result of these studies, many organizations are formed to take advantage of this new discovery .
             to decriminalize marijuana. I, however wish for the government to continue to regulate this drug as much as possible. .
             One reason why marijuana should not be legalize is because it harms the user's health. Impaired coordination, short-term memory, and the ability to .
             make the right choices are some of the results of the effects that marijuana has on your brain. Because marijuana impairs judgment, using it can result in risky sexual behavior which could lead to an unplanned pregnancy and/or sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS. Furthermore, marijuana use increases the heart rate. It can cause chest pain in people who have a poor blood supply to the heart.

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