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Abortion should not be allowed

            Dear editor, Abortion should not be allowed because three simple and moral theories. First there is adoption, second it is the taking of a human life, and third to often be used as an easy out. And in then next three paragraphs I will go in to further detail to explain why and how we can contain and abolish this horrible and immoral acts.
             Now of these three reasons of stopping abortion only one is an alternative and the other two are precautions and ideas.
             First a good and often used option other than abortion is adoption, that it after birth the child is given up and ether goes strait to a foster home or to a foster family. The foster family usually is a married couple that is unable to have their own children adoption is there only hope of having children. The foster home is different from the foster home how ever in a foster home usually is where one or many children live wile they wait for a family to adopt them. Adoption also gives the gift of a child to some one that other wise would be unable to have any. That is why I think abortion should not be allowed. .
             Second the morel issue, we know that if you go and kill some one because their mother told you she did not what them, that you would be jailed and tried for murder. Just because the child does not have a name or made an imprint on any one, that should be no reason to call is any thing less than a child. But still today pro choice and pro-life groups say different things to justify each, the pro choice say that it is the mothers decision to terminate all the way up to delivery. The pro life say that at conception the child is just that and is a person and has all the rights of one. That is why I think abortion should not be allowed because it is morally wrong.
             Third abortion also to often is used as an easy way out and instead of taking responsibilities of ones actions. With today's world especially young people have hardly any time for them selves more or less time fore a child.

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