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Free Speech

            Freedom of speech is one of the basic privileges guaranteed to all Americans by the Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution. Traditionally, no form of speech should be censored unless it poses a direct harm to others. The duty of government is to permit speech and to restrain those who would disrupt it violently. Even though inviting dispute is an acceptable objective of speech, when speech passes beyond dispute and creates danger for the public, it is no longer protected and can be punished. Generally, before speech is punished, there must be some rule , regulation, or law, that defines the kind of utterances that are prohibited. Such laws, regulations, or rules must be carefully drafted so that maximum protection is given to the right of free speech. For example: If someone yells "Gun" in the middle of a small town with lots of people around, and someone else starts firing out of scare, then the person who yelled "gun" should be punished because everyone else's life around him is in danger.
             The point that says "Aggressive begging is not free speech" cannot be overemphasized. Mumbling "spare change?" or squatting on the curb with a sign is not aggressive begging. Chasing down people that you know will give out of a guilty conscious, is. A very small group of people asking for money that is not needed, can ruin a neighborhood, robbing citizens of the feeling of security they once felt when walking down the street. Aggressive begging can ruin a truly homeless persons life. If too many people come asking for money that don't need it, then what is there to give to the ones that truly do need it??.
             As bad as is hurts to even think about the way that some people hate America so badly that they will burn the American flag, some people do. The First Amendment gives the right to free speech. We know that some of the things said about America should not be accepted, and they aren't, but we can't stop people from expressing the way they feel.

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