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porn on net

            Imagine one day you come home to your young child sitting on the computer. You expect to see a game or you child talking to one of his or her friends. Instead you lean over to give your child a kiss and to your surprise you see a naked girl having sex on your computer screen. One of the more popular controversies in our society today is the issue of pornography. Any child who has use of a computer can mistakenly come across a world of pornographically pictures. Pornography is inappropriate for children and because of it's freely distribution over the Internet it should be regulated. .
             Children can easily access pornography on the Internet, which is legally restricted to adults. Also, children can easily access obscene materials, which are illegal, even for adults in the United States. Children can be exposed to this content on accident and can also receive links to adult sites. The presence of child pornography on the Internet is a disturbing and growing phenomenon. Child pornography is illegal in this country and lately we see people distributing this trash all over the Web. .
             The government doesn't want to take action because they fear that it will effect this new medium of information. It also doesn't want to effect freedom of speech.
             "The US Supreme Court has long held that in most circumstances, free expression deserves the highest standard of constitutional protection. Thus, anytime the government wants to restrict speech it must give a compelling reason for it" (Kolbert, Mettger 7). .
             Some people also don't want the government to step in because they feel it would be unconstitutional and their freedom of speech will no longer be available to them. Some people feel that the American federal government attempted to suppress free speech by passing the Children's Internet Protection Act.
             "At no time in American history has pornography been so widely available and so easily accessible to the general public.

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