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twelfth night

            in Shakespeare's famous comedy twelfth night, he explores many different forms of love through the use of disquise and misunderstanding. most of all the misunderstandingstems from the character of viola as she is dressed up as cesario. shakespeare explores many forms of love such as the love between and man and a woman, the love between two men, and the love between two women.
             As Viola is dressed up as Cesario she is able to get very close to orsino and soon begins to fall deeply in love with him, since she is a woman at heart she begins to show her feelings toward him without realization. this is most evident furing the scene with the fool, viola, and orsino, the fool is playing music for them and viola caught up in the moment, leans into kiss orsino. he realizes what is happening and quickly backs away pretending it didnt happen. orsino at the same time is infatuated with lady olivia he would do anything to get her, he would wait as long as it takes. he grows tired of waiting and sends cesario to try and woo her for him. although this is mostly showing the love between a man and a woman shakespeare also explores the love between two men, orsino feels a deep love for viola dressed as cesario it is a deep caring brotherly love one feels for a good friend. creating this love triangle shakespeare gets into all different types of love in Twelfth Night he describes how there are many different types of love and it can affect anyone.
             in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night shakespeare describes the many different types of love such as the ind a man and a woman feel for each other, the kind two men can feel, and the kind two women can feel for each other.he goes into this duality of love by using disguise and many different misunderstandings such as viola dressing as a man, how viola loves orsino, and how lady olivia is in love with viola.

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