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Shakespeare's Parallels

             Being an accomplished playwright, William Shakespeare wrote thirty-seven brilliant plays during his lifetime. Often in his plays there are events that coincide with each other as well as characters and themes. Even in two seemingly different plays - a comedy and a tragedy - these parallels are apparent. Twelfth Night and Othello each show prime examples of reoccurring motifs. When comparing this comedy and this tragedy, specific parallels can be drawn.
             Setting is a significant part in Shakespeare's plays. The mood of the play and characters change with the different locations. In Twelfth Night, Olivia's house and the Duke's palace are the prominent settings. In this play, the head of the household sets the tone for that environment. A feeling of sorrow and mourning can be felt, upon entering the house of Olivia:.
             "A virtuous maid, the daughter of a noble count.
             That died some twelvemonth since, then leaving her.
             In the protection of his son, her brother,.
             Who shortly also died; for whose dear love, .
             They say, she hath abjured the sight.
             And company of men- (1.2.36-41).
             Her sorrow is felt throughout the household, contributing to the drunkenness of the other characters living there, Sir Andrew and Sir Toby. The Duke, Orsino, is also in a saddened state of mind; he is heart-broken over Olivia. His palace is also in a tone of unhappiness, however, Orsino and his attendants are trying to improve the situation.
             VIOLA. "Say I do speak with her, my lord, what then?-.
             DUKE. "O, then unfold the passion of my love;.
             Surprise her with discourse of my dear faith;.
             It shall become thee well to act on my woes.
             She will attend it better in thy youth.
             Than in a nuncio's of more grave aspect- (1.4.23-28).
             Not only does Twelfth Night contain contrasting settings; Othello does as well - Venice and Cyprus.

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