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A Mind's Greatest Challenge: Itself

            What is consciousness? Where do thoughts come from? Is knowledge innate, taught, or is it the result of some higher being? These questions have been, and will continue to be, a large focus for scientific research. The solutions will not come easy, but will inevitably all be related to one thing: the human brain. This complex organ challenges neuroscientist, mathematicians, psychologists, computer scientists, and beyond. Yet with so many efforts devoted to the study, there is a still a great deal to be learned. It is my goal that I will someday be able to help answer these questions, and in doing so, help others.
             A greater understanding of the brain yields much more than scientific discovery. Hope can be given to many people with diseases dealing with the brain. A recent movement towards developing advanced artificial neural networks (computer processing structures modeled from the human brain) promises, more proficient, and efficient machines. .
             Most appealing to me, however, is the unknown. Resources are not as readily available as in other traditional academic disciplines. This compels me to think for myself and confront my own ideas and opinions. It is much harder to fall into a rut of memorization when dealing with a mysterious (and personally intriguing) matter. It is for these reasons that study of the brain is an intellectually challenging, and worthwhile pursuit for me.
             Though I am still a novice to the field, I do believe that my interests in the brain have made me a better scholar. As I pursue more and more information, I find myself involved in many diverse areas of study. One must turn to many academic disciplines to find answers, as it has numerous correlations. Studying the human brain will challenge and expand my thinking, and specialization will require much hard work. In fact, brain research is not a discipline at all. Instead, it is a combination of many diverse, yet associated areas of study.

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