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The Renaissance

             The Renaissance, why is this time period so important and crucial to modern days? Why .
             must everyone know about the Renaissance? Its all just history, right? No, this time period has .
             affected the whole world to a terminable power. Art, must, math and science as we know it today .
             evolved from the Renaissance time period. The whole state of discovering new things came from .
             the Renaissance. When Rome fell it marked the begging of the Renaissance period. The term .
             Renaissance is French for "rebirth", or in Italian pronounced "Renascita". In studying the .
             Renaissance time period it was not a rebirth of the dark ages but more of an advancement in .
             learning for that is why the Renaissance is know as The Greatest Time Period Ever.
             Art at that time was a new thing. There where great artist being born such as Leonardo, .
             Michelangelo, Raphael, and who could forget none other then the great Massacicio who was one .
             of the greatest artist of all time. He made the essence of lines come to life by exploring new ways .
             and theories to paint and draw. It is often said that Massacicio painted one of the very first .
             paintings of the Italian Renaissance which he called "The Tribute To Money". The Tribute To .
             Money used particularly four basic principles to make it a peace for all the rest of the artist to .
             follow. The four basic principles where called: Linear Perspective, Atmospheric Perspective, The .
             Separation of Planes, and The Classic Color Theory .
             Linear Prospective was the pace at which objects receded into the distance which were .
             determined by three imaginary lines. Two important imaginary lines used in Linear Prospective .
             was the horizon line and the vanishing point. The horizon line basically the boundaries between .
             two lines, and the vanishing point just extinguished two or more lines from each other. This .
             linear prospective gave a "real" space on a flat surface .

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