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does macbeth desrve his fate

             Does Macbeth deserve his fate?.
             Shakespeare purposely intends for Macbeth to be perceived as a hero. He is made out to be a strong and valiant warrior, who is feared by everyone on the battlefield. He was described as "Bellona's bridegroom- and "Valour's Minion-. At the beginning of the play he killed the treacherous traitor who fled to the Norwegian rebels, the "Merciless Macdonald- Macbeth "unseamed him from the nave to the chops."" This shows that Macbeth has immense power and strength. Additionally he was a trustworthy thane to the king of Scotland, king Duncan. However by the end of the play he is seen as a "dead butcher- and a "tyrant- Macbeth had murdered his way through eight victims, the traitor Macdonald, king Duncan and his two grooms, Banquo and Macduff's wife and son and also young Siward. We love him at the beginning for slaying the traitor Macdonald, but when he kills Young Siward', a young innocent soldier who is fighting against Macbeth for Macduff's army we hate Macbeth for it. What happened to make this great man such a murderer and a tyrant? Who, or what influenced him?.
             Macbeth's personality at the beginning of the play was described by his wife as being "too full of the milk of human kindness- This suggests that he is too kind to do anything too malicious, especially towards his own king. But he can be persuaded easily by Lady Macbeth, and when the witches tell him what is in store for him, putting visions in his mind so that he thinks he will be the future king. He expects the King's crown to simply fall into his lap -Without my stir-. When it doesn't and Duncan announces that his son will be the heir apparent. Macbeth realises he will have to start to stir' but he tries to withhold his dark side as much as he can "Stars hide your fires let not light see my black and deep desires."" However his "vaulting ambition- is pushing him over the edge.

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