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interview with the vampire

             The book title is Interview with the Vampire. The whole story is based on a vampire being interviewed by a reporter. He is telling him his life story from the first day he became a vampire up until the day of his interview.
             2. The story takes place in New Orleans, LA. That is where the vampire spent his whole life even though he traveled the world and spent a lot of his time in Paris.
             3. This book makes New Orleans out to be a very mysterious place and the whole book is based off of mystery. .
             4. The story jumps from the present day of the interview to the eighteenth century from where he is telling his story. He would tell stories from then from mainly New Orleans and when he would travel to Paris.
             5. The vampire, Louis is very good looking. Before he became a vampire, he wasn't concerned about his appearance. But after he became a vampire, his skin became very place, he had light green eyes with abnormally small pupils and his teeth came to a point. He had dark, long blonde hair and was very well kept. The one who made him who he was, Lestat, looked very similar to Louis, except his long wavy hair had more red to it and he had a devilish look in his eye. Claudia, the "daughter" of Louis and Lestat, was a very beautiful girl. She had tight, blonde curly hair with light blue eyes. She always had to look her best by wearing silk dresses with lace.
             6. A lot of Louis's time and energy went to looking after Claudia. He loved her very much and was always looking out for her. He would always consider what was right and was very selfless. Claudia was one to always have her way or no way. She would get a new doll every week. She was a proper girl and was well mannered. Louis or Claudia did not like Lestat too much. He was a selfish vampire and killed every night. He would try to get Louis to come along with him, but Louis lived off of the blood of animals. He considered that he would be killing a human being but that did not bother Lestat at all.

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