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             Baz Luhrman's - William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
             Franco Zeffirelli's - Romeo and Juliet.
             In my viewing of both versions of the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, i have seen that both versions of the play differ very much to each other and to the original play itself. There are numerous scenes in both films were you can find these differences but i have only chosen 1 particular scene which i think shows this the most, Act 5 Scene 3.
             The best achievment i think in both films was that they both captured the play but in their own sort of ways, if you take costume for example. Franco Zefirelli had a clever idea of adding a colour coded method to each family, one colour for Capulets and another colour for Montague's, this would of added a better understanded to those not familier with the play but could of lost its authenticity to those who are. Also the old fasioned style of clothing which is used in this film really does show you how life was in the olden days and what sort of clothes were worn then. However Baz Luhrman was really clever and instead of putting obvious colour coded costumes into his film, he used a sort of dress code for each family. The Montagues were very laid back and calm, where as the Capulets are quite stuck up and posh, following this Baz Luhrman has created such costumes to back this up, Montagues wear loose shirts and jeans were as the Capulets wear very tidy and neat shirts and trousers. Also there is one other thing that i have noticed, Baz Luhrman has put some very obvious colour coded costumes into his film, those of which are the black type of outfits worn none other than Tybalts crew which stands for evil and hatrid, and Juliet is wrapped up in the white outfit which means pure and untainted.
             I think that Baz Luhrman's main weapon in his version of Romeo and Juliet is the camera angles and effects. Baz Luhrman uses a wide range of camera angles for the viewer to really see what is going on and to see how the characters are really feeling.

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