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Who Started the Cold War?

             After World War II, Communism began to spread across several European countries, such as Poland, Romania and Hungary. In the West a strong sense of fear of this ideal quickly began to spread as well. When the Cold War broke out, every nation was involved. The most prominent leaders involved were Churchill, Stalin and Truman. Together, their actions were the cause of the Cold War. After World War II, countries brought forth different views in which to restore Europe, which ultimately led to tensions internationally and as a result, the Cold War began. The President of the United States, Harry Truman, became seen as the dominant player in European affairs. He initiated the Truman Doctrine along with the Marshall Plan which set out to protect the "free" people against Communism. He begins taking control which causes difficulties among European countries. As well, his Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan particularly violated the principles of a group in charge of the well-being of the world; the United Nations. Truman truly discriminates against Communism and began creating a widespread fear of this ideal which presents a huge impact on several European countries. Truman truly disrupts the relations between all nations throughout the world. Truman accurately classifies as the person to have started the Cold War.
             The Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan, initiated by Truman in March, 1947, truly violated and ignored the principles of the U.N which was designed to keep peace. On 18 September, 1947, Andrei Vyshinsky, the Soviet Union spokesman at the United Nations, stated in his speech, "The Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan are examples of the manner in which the principles of the UN are violated and ignored This policy [the Marshall Plan] conflicts sharply with the principles expressed by the General Assembly in its resolution of 11th December, 1946, which declares that relief supplies to other countries "should at no time be used as a political weapon.

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