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Found Memories

             The mind records in very complete detail every event during a person's lifetime, much like a videotape. Regaining a memory is similar to searching for a scene in a video tape: one selects the correct cassette, fast forwards to the episode of interest, and observes the scene. It does not matter how a memory from the past is accessed, whether though direct memory, or with the aid of hypnosis, guided imagery, etc. (2) By whatever method it is accessed, it is exact and reliable. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Some memories are simply forgotten for long periods of time and becomes even more difficult as time passes. It is quite possible that a child could have a mild molestation experience and permanently forget about it, just as children can forget painful bicycle accidents, falling down stairs, breaking an arm, etc. There are different ways of forgetting an undesirable memory. Drugs such as heroin and cocaine are among the popular ones. One of the many problems of taking drugs is that it can result in strange visions, voices or nightmares and will eventually, bring back all memories once again. In the novel Lost Girls, a man in search of himself demonstrates how one can never run away from their past because it is always lurking right under their conscious state and will burst out at any moment and its almost uncontrollable. .
             Visions are one of the long-term effects of drug-use. These kinds of hallucinations are not seen so often, more frequently concerning those who are under a lot of stress, or trauma in their lifetimes. Some people who want to forget specific memories usually tend to find their own ways of doing so and, sometimes, in most cases, the memory slowly starts to fade away on its own. However, when a person is under the influence of drugs, these memories begin to turn up again through visual hallucinations. Visions such as people who have passed away or simply events that the person is deeply influenced by.

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