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             I thought that this semester was easier than what it looked like it would be but it still was hard. I enjoyed the challenge and thought it was very interesting to be in your class. My favorite part was the end of the first quarter when we had to find the mathmatics of different countries. I liked this because it was very interesting and I like to learn about different cultures. I like to be challenged and I like math so I really enjoy being in the algebra 8 class. The thing that I thought was the hardest this semester was the vertical motion problems. I thought that they were hard because they were so long and hard to figure out. They also had so many steps. Other wise I thought that the quarter was fairly easy. I cant really think of much more to say so I will just talk about what I thought about the different chapters. .
             Chapter one I thought was very easy but it was our first chapter and we just learned what algebra was. Chapter 2 was about negative numbers and I thought that this was very easy and at this point I thought that algebra was going to be a breeze. When I got to chapter 5 and it was just starting to get hard. Then we got to chapter 6 and it started to get challenging. Then came chapter 7 and this was the hardest thing we had done so far. I thought that this was hard because it was long and confusing. This is my quarter paper and I know it isn't very long but I couldn't think of a very much to write about. I hope u like what I wrote about. I am one of those people that don't have very much of an opinion on things and can't think of things to write about.

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