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             Architecture exhibits the solemn identity of peoples and their civilization. "There are many branches of architecture that specifically classify the type of designing and construction- (qtd. in Lexitgon par. 41). Islamic happens to be one of the most fascinating and amazing types of architecture. Like most types of architecture, Islamic architecture is mainly influenced by the religion and the culture of its people (hence the name). Although the Islamic religion currently makes up the majority in the Middle East, Islamic architecture is not found just in the Middle East, but it is spread all through out modern world into Spain, Eastern Asia, and even parts of Africa. Many themes flourish throughout Islamic architecture to represent the surrounding culture and the beliefs and values that they hold. For example, hidden architecture is a theme that focuses on what people cannot see from the outside of the structure. "Hidden architecture may be considered the main and dominant form of true Islamic architecture- (Grube et al, 11). Defining elements of decoration (otherwise known as hidden architecture') and design, in addition to the focus they put on the structure, are what make Islamic architecture unique and different.
             Islamic decoration covers buildings like a mantle; its purpose is to conceal the structure rather than to reveal it. The elements of decoration are mostly limited to geometry, calligraphy, play of light, and foliation, but their manipulation results in a rich and extravagant effect. The many diverse materials are used to embellish the buildings and create this effect. Certain principles such as: repetition, symmetry, and rescaling of patterns, also help to set Islamic architecture apart from others. Combined, all of these elements express a unique and different appearance to all of Islamic architecture. .
             One distinctive feature of Islamic decoration would be its geometric design.

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