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Picture This

            It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. I, however, think that a bad picture is worth even more, except these words are not those symbolizing good times and great memories. Therefore, I believe that my topic is of great magnitude on not only the photographic world, but our modern, commercialized world as well. During the first two quarters of 2001, Eastman Kodak Incorporated alone grossed a total profit of over $13,234,000,000.00. Knowing the quality of images from different types of popular films could not only help professionals to deliver nicer and more crisp photographs, but also to help the general public to capture vivid memories in one of the best ways possible. If we are willing to spend over $13,000,000,000.00 on one company's product every six months, I believe it is worth finding the best way to spend this money. Therefore, I intend to isolate the best type of film out of four major brands: Kodak, Fujifilm, Konica, and Ritz Big Print. .
             My project mainly deals with the sciences of imaging and photography. The characteristics of the spectrum of color in the photographs will be dealt with, as well as the density of the pixels in an image, which are both topics involved in this experiment. Film speed is also a part of the experiment and is important in the science of photography. Film speed is the measurement of a film's sensitivity to light. Some basic film speeds are ISO 11, ISO 200, ISO 400, ISO 600, and ISO 800. ISO 100 requires around two times more light than ISO 200, the film used in this experiment. I intend to use ISO 200 speed film because ISO 100 speed is hard to obtain in some brands and I do not want the lack of light to affect the picture's color. The densitometer will measure the density of a color in a photograph based on the CIE LABS color scale. This machine will eventually reveal the optimum brand of film. .
             Color is also and interesting science dealt with in my project.

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